Ultimate Survival BWCA

We’ve always thought it would be great fun to have a Survivor show in the Boundary Waters or better yet in the winter in the Boundary Waters. The trouble is the USFS does not allow races or competitions to take place in the BWCA wilderness. That and other rules such as no more than 9 people at a campsite, no fly zones and limited boat and motor traffic would probably make it pretty difficult to film.

We also didn’t think a Ultimate Survival BWCA show in the winter would sell many commercials if sexy girls were covered up in parkas but it sounds like the television show Ultimate Survival Alaska is doing just fine.  I haven’t had the opportunity to watch the television show although I see it is on Hulu so I certainly could when and if I find time.  I did however see a casting call in an article I read about the show and that has me drooling all over!

Wouldn’t it be a hoot to be on a survival show filmed in Alaska? How awesome would it be to be flown around and then dropped in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness?

Imagine hiking upwards of 30 miles a day; paddling through white water rapids; crossing turbulent rivers on foot; or rappelling down (or climbing up) icy cliffs – all while carrying on your back every bit of gear you need to survive. Then imagine … it’s a race … with no prize … only your pride.

I’m fairly certain a number of our past Voyageur Crew would do amazing on this reality television show.  If you think you would too then fill out an application.  It’s a simple application with just a few questions besides the normal request for contact information.

Describe your experience in outdoor survival scenarios.

Describe specific survival skills you possess that would make you a valuable member of an Ultimate Survival Alaska team.

List the five most critical items you would bring with you in your pack, and why.

 What do you think will draw viewers to you as a cast member on the show?

Describe your experience working in or leading a team.

Go ahead and apply, what have you got to lose besides your life?

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