Voyageur Crew Member on the South Pole

Some of you may recognize this friendly face as he’s been around Voyageur the past couple of years. Chad Goodale has done all sorts of jobs at Voyageur including office work, tow boat driving, housekeeping and more. During the summer he also works at an excavating business but this winter he’s at the South Pole!

He applied for a position at the South Pole during the summer and was super excited when he was accepted. Not too many people are suited for a job at the bottom of the earth but Chad seems to be thriving there. He even completed his first marathon on the ice!

Living vicariously through all of our Voyageur Crew members is quite fun.  We miss him but know he is having a wonderful adventure of a lifetime.

Chad Goodale on the South Pole
South Pole Adventure
Gunflint Trail Guy on the South Pole
Voyageur Crew on the South Pole
Thriving on the South Pole
South Pole Adventure for Gunflint Trail Guy


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