Traffic Ahead


<%image(20070604-moosesm.jpg|275|183|Gunflint Trail Moose)%>

    There sure is alot of traffic at the end of the Gunflint Trail these days.  I’m not talking about people in their vehicles but all of the wildlife that is out and about.  This morning on the way to the bus stop we saw a deer running on Sag Lake Trail.  Last night we saw a moose on the edge of the pond and we’ve been seeing turtles crossing the road the past few days. 

      There’s more air traffic around too.  The mosquitos and black flies have made their presence known and the butterflies and dragonflies are everywhere you look.  Loons, ducks and eagles can be seen overhead and last week I saw a flock of geese fly over.  This is the kind of traffic I enjoy spending time in.