Unique Opportunity


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    The Ham Lake Fire that started a month ago today is over and out as they say in radio speak.  It will be recorded as history and placed in the memory bank of many people.   It has given those of us who live and visit the Gunflint Trail much more than memories and will provide us with many unique opportunities in the days and years to come.

     Fire is an amazing process and we are so lucky to be able to experience it first hand.  Nature with its fast changing landscape after a fire is absolutely amazing.  Land that was charred black beyond recognition now appears plush and green.  The quick growth of grass, ferns and other plants has created a new layer of undergrowth and one would have a difficult time determining a fire had touched the earth.   

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   In the days, months and years ahead the Ham Lake Fire will provide us many unique opportunities.  New species of plants and trees will emerge underneath the shelter of burned snags or dead pines.  Wildlife will find this newly created habitat and thrive with the ample browse and food available.  Blueberries and mushrooms will be bountiful and every creature will have new opportunities in the forest. 

     I am so happy to have this opportunity to explore an eco-system that has been changed by wildfire.  I hope you will come visit and see for yourself how powerful and amazing nature is.  Be a part of this adventure of re-growth and join us this year to start your own journey of watching our forest and it’s rebirth.  It’s a once in a lifetime unique opportunity we on the Gunflint Trail are able to experience all with thanks to the Ham Lake Fire.