Just in case you didn’t already know it, I’m tired.  I know people complain about being tired all of the time but I think it’s kind of like the weather, just something to talk about.  There can be many reasons a person is tired including not eating properly, not drinking enough water, not getting enough exercise, illness or lack of sleep for whatever reason.  

     I blame my being tired on a number of things and that is my excuse for drinking huge quantities of Diet Coke on a daily basis.  But as I go through the list of reasons for being tired and try to correct them I still can’t figure out what my problem is or how I can sometimes sleep for 12 hours straight unaffected by any outside noise when I normally wake up if the cat walks through the room.

     The next paragraph is personal and not for the faint of heart or for Mike to know I wrote about in my blog, so don’t read it if you feel you don’t need Too Much Information or if you feel the need for Mike to know I talked about it.

     I know I’m getting older and being post menopausal due to a total hysterctomy a couple of years ago may not help.  I have hypothyroidism and my numbers are in the "normal" range at this time.  Mike has been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea after my visit to the Mayo Clinic determined his snoring was my problem.  He stopped breathing an average of 42 times an hour and needless to say he also snored quite loudly.  He now wears a Darth Vader machine to bed each night and I have slept quite peacefully for about 3 months now.  I guess long term sleep deprivation must take a long time to recover from because I am still so tired.


     I have come to the conclusion running a canoe outfitting business is alot of work and could be what makes me so tired.  I have young staff who are tired after an 8 hour shift of work and some days after 12 hours of "work" I find myself blogging, working on schedules or doing some other work stuff for another 4 hours.  This type of work can be both mentally and physically exhausting I guess.  

     Alas, winter comes and we get to catch up, right?  Some folks think Mike and I have other jobs because there couldn’t possibly be enough to do in the "off" season for Voyageur.  There is more than enough work to do for 4 full-time workers year around if we can afford to hire them!  Maybe if we weren’t active members of the community we live in then we could catch up in the winter.  Then again, maybe not.

     I don’t know.  Maybe being tired is just what we are supposed to be on earth and once we’re gone from this world we’ll finally be rested.  Until then I’ll just have to keep telling myself, "I feel rested, I feel terrific, I feel rested and I’m rip, rearing and ready to go."  Because tired or not here life comes.