Hairy What?

      Not that hairy, the other Harry as in Potter, Harry Potter that is.  Yes, even hundreds of miles from the nearest movie theater and no television my children still know who Harry Potter is.  I have to admit I’ve seen kids dressed up like little geeks with glasses at Halloween for a number of years but had never seen or read anything Harry Potter until this year.  2009 will be known as the year of Harry Potter for my son Josh.

     It must have been one of the many cancelled school days this winter when I was introduced to Harry Potter.  Our neighbors, 12 miles down the road, have 2 sons who own the Harry Potter movies and the kids asked to borrow one.  I was upstairs in the living room working on my computer when they put the first Harry Potter movie in and I have to admit, it caught my attention.  The only problem with the movie was it was over too soon.  The kids told me there was a second Harry Potter movie.  And a third, and a fourth and a fifth!  Lo and behold our neighbors owned all of them.

     Within a week’s time I think the kids and I watched all of the Harry Potter movies.  Since then any stick that looked remotely like a wand would become one to Josh.  Spells would be chanted and looked up online and yes, even I had my favorite spell to use, "Cryptosporidium!"  Each time I used it I was told it wasn’t really a spell, but I didn’t care, it always made me laugh.

     Josh celebrated his 8th birthday in June.  Although I normally refuse to purchase any DVD that isn’t titled Animal Kingdom, Planet Earth or something educational, I ordered Josh a set of 5 Harry Potter movies, a Harry Potter poster and yes, an original Harry Potter wand.  Josh was happy.

     As almost everyone knows a new Harry Potter movie opened in theaters on July 15th.  It was difficult to explain to Josh why we couldn’t rent it on Netflix or buy it in a store before it came out in theaters.  He also didn’t understand why we couldn’t just drive to Duluth on the day of the Annual Canoe Races to go to see it on the first day.

     This week Abby is away at Girl Scout camp in Wisconsin.  I wouldn’t say Josh has been bored or that he misses his sister, but it could be true.  I, having been able to tolerate all of the Harry Potter movies, decided maybe I could handle taking Josh to see the new Harry Potter movie.  So, last night, after a meeting in town, Josh and I drove to Thunder Bay to go to a movie. 

     I wanted to make sure we would get into the movie after driving 2 hours to get there so I ordered tickets online.  When I saw the total of $8.00 I thought there was some mistake, but nope, it was a special day at the theater in Thunder Bay and that’s what it cost me in Canadian dollars for two tickets.

  • Gas to get to Thunder Bay and back- $15.00
  • Popcorn, pop & candy at the movie- $16.00
  • Movie tickets- $8.00
  • A first date with Josh at a Harry Potter movie?