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Muddy portage paths in the Boundary Waters

The Leave No Trace principle of not hiking on a muddy trail doesn’t work well if you’re on a portage in the Boundary Waters or on a thru-hike on some extensive hiking trail. In the BWCA you will encounter wet

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Rainy Day Portage

People often ask me, “Is there a place to hike in the Boundary Waters?” Besides the longer trails like the Kekekabic and Border Route Trail there are tons of places to hike, every portage is a hiking trail.  I love

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Day Trip into Canada

Now that my children are older and I don’t have to be watching them 24-7 I have a little bit of free time. Combine that with the fact we have an amazing Voyageur Crew led by Tony and Hannah and

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Best Time to Paddle the Boundary Waters

I’ve always said, “Any time you can paddle the Boundary Waters is the best time to paddle the Boundary Waters.” Taking that into consideration the next thing to consider is what you want to experience while you are in the

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Kayak Use Re-Thought

I had never thought of a kayak as being a transportation mode for drugs.  We’ve often joked about drugs being smuggled into or out of Canada via canoes and Duluth Packs portaged across the vast wilderness but we know this

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Top Ten Worst Portages in the BWCA

Call me crazy(many people do) but I like to portage. I love the challenge of an uphill climb with a pack on and navigating around a tight corner with a canoe on my shoulders. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing the

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