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Bear, Go Away Bear

This woman appears to have done everything right and was even polite when asking the bear to leave her kayak alone. Unfortunately begging and pleading just didn’t work.  A paddle to the head might have worked, if only the bear

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Flat Water Girl

As a lover of the Boundary Waters I consider myself a flat water paddler. There are fast water paddlers who love to play in rapids and drop over waterfalls. I’ve done some whitewater rafting but I’ve never done any whitewater

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Father Son Canadian Kayak Trip

There aren’t too many things more memorable than a father son trip. This duo made memories while on a wilderness kayak trip into Northern Light Lake in Canada.  It’s just one portage out of Saganaga Lake and the perfect destination

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Learning to Love the Outdoors

Some people don’t like spending time in the great outdoors because they don’t know what to do when they are outside. Thanks to the DNR and the Parks and Trails Fund there are plenty of opportunities to learn how to

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Kayaking Encounters

There are some things you won’t see in the Boundary Waters when you’re kayaking.  Chances are the biggest thing you’ll ever see swim beneath your canoe or kayak in the BWCA is a beaver or a fish.  There isn’t any

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Kayak Use Re-Thought

I had never thought of a kayak as being a transportation mode for drugs.  We’ve often joked about drugs being smuggled into or out of Canada via canoes and Duluth Packs portaged across the vast wilderness but we know this

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Wenonah Canoes and Kayaks Too

Our friends down in Winona, Minnesota are keeping busy building Wenonah Canoes and Kayaks.  It’s been a few years since we visited them and saw their operation first hand but the memory is fresh in my mind.  It was like

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