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Good news on the Gunflint Trail

In a quest to find good news I took a look at our weather station information from the Seagull Guard Station.  It’s easy to look at the amount of precipitation we received in the past 24 hours and become depressed

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Additional closures on the Gunflint Trail

National Forest lands and roads on the upper section of the Gunflint Trail are now closed. Private and public roads are still open so homeowners and guests can access resorts, outfitters and restaurants on the Gunflint Trail.  The closure area

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Pre-evacuation of the end of the Gunflint Trail

Last night the powers that be ordered a pre-evacuation for the end of the Gunflint Trail. What does this mean? The Sheriff’s Department and the GTVFD went door to door to inform people to gather their valuables, medications and pets

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John Ek Wildfire in the BWCAW

What began as the John Elk Wildfire has now been renamed the John Ek Wildfire. Yesterday was a bad day for John and a good day for the Boundary Waters as temperatures and wind were moderate and didn’t allow for

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