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Watching the Ice Melt

Who predicted the ice on Saganaga would go out when? We can never remember but we know it will disappear eventually.  The temperature is still dipping below freezing on most nights but the daytime highs have been balmy.  The sun

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No More Ice on Saganaga

Yesterday afternoon no ice could be found on Saganaga Lake. That is the great news we have been waiting for. Other great news at the end of the Gunflint trail? Tiny moose tracks alongside bigger moose tracks means there’s a

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Operation Ice Out

Friday night’s low temperature dipped to 22 degrees and the high on Saturday was 62 degrees.  We certainly don’t need any more freezing temperatures and would welcome more sunshine. We’ve been able to get out onto Saganaga Lake and near

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Lake Ice Status on the Gunflint Trail

Mark was out on Saganaga this morning to check out the ice conditions. Unfortunately there is still ice out there on the big part of the lake and some hanging on in other parts as well.  You can’t quite make

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Ice Out on Seagull Lake?

There was still ice on Seagull Lake the last time I looked and on Sag, Gunflint and Poplar yet today. According to the newspaper and the DNR ice out report Seagull Lake is free of ice as of Tuesday.   The

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Open Water Anyone?

Dark is good, light is not and I’m not talking about chicken meat.  I’m talking about the ice on the Seagull River and the other lakes of the Gunflint Trail and northern Minnesota. As you can see from the photos

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No Big Snow

The kids were disappointed we didn’t receive the big snowstorm the forecasters were predicting. They were looking forward to another day off from school or at least a late start or an early release. Most people were excited we didn’t

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