Lake Ice Status on the Gunflint Trail

Mark was out on Saganaga this morning to check out the ice conditions. Unfortunately there is still ice out there on the big part of the lake and some hanging on in other parts as well.  You can’t quite make it up to the Canadian side of Saganaga but you can make it up to Camper’s Island and over to Gold Island.  Beyond Munkers is where the huge sheet of ice rests but it can go fast especially if the wind blows.

On Seagull Lake the motorized area is free of ice. The non-motorized area still has a sheet of ice floating.  In spite of the fact the DNR and the newspaper reported Seagull Lake ice out I still say there’s ice because it isn’t possible to navigate to the portages. The visible parts of Poplar, Iron and all of Swamper are free of ice. The west side of Gunflint is pretty clear but still has a big piece of ice floating as well.

People can get out and paddle and camp but need to be aware of what the sheet of ice is doing in order to not get socked in.  The water temperature is obviously very cold too so people must be cautious.

When will the big chunk of ice be off of Sag?  That’s a great question and one we will no doubt keep hearing until we announce the lake is free of ice.

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