No Big Snow

The kids were disappointed we didn’t receive the big snowstorm the forecasters were predicting. They were looking forward to another day off from school or at least a late start or an early release. Most people were excited we didn’t get a big dumping of snow because no one wanted to go outside to do anymore shoveling.

The snowbanks are big and the ice is thick. We’re already receiving questions like, “When is the ice going to be out this year?” Just because it’s been super cold and we have tons of snow it doesn’t mean our ice will go out slower than normal. When the sun shines and the temperatures warm up it doesn’t take long to eat away at the ice.  Add some hard rains and the ice deteriorates even faster.

If I had to guess when the ice will go out this year I’d say Saganaga(which is usually the last lake to lose all of its ice) will be completely ice free by May 11, 2014.  This is using the SWAG theory which most of you know is not in the least bit accurate.  Many years our ice is out by the first week of May, so I just tacked on a couple of extra days for good measure.

The fact remains that no matter when the ice goes out, we’ll be ready and waiting for you at Voyageur!

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