Sunny Skies

We’ve been blessed with beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures this past week. People are out and about without jackets and are wearing short sleeves and shorts. When the temperature reaches the 50’s up here we think it’s summer.

It doesn’t feel like April and everyone is wondering when Mother Nature will dump a foot of wet snow on us. Although it would make things muddy again and disappoint many we do need some precipitation. It looks like we might get some rain next week and that’s a good thing as I’m having a difficult time staying indoors.  When it’s nice outside I’m drawn outside to savor the sunshine on my face.

Temperature in degrees from the Seagull Guard Station on the Gunflint Trail.

  • April 11     65
  • April 12     71
  • April 13     55
  • April 14     63
  • April 15     68
  • April 16     60
  • April 17     69
  • April 18     57

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