A Loon!

I saw my first loon of the season today when I went for a drive around Trail’s End Campground. It was swimming in the bay of Gull Lake in front of the Saganaga Landing at the campground.  I didn’t hear him sing even though I tried to converse with him.

It was a rainy day on the Gunflint Trail and we received .61″ at the Seagull Guard Station.  Earl Falls, the tiny falls across from the Guard Station, is flowing nicely and Moose Pond is free of ice. The ice is pulling away from the shore on many of the smaller lakes and it won’t be long until the ice is off of Iron, Little Iron and Swamper. I’m guessing the ice will be off of Saganaga completely by May 2nd, but that’s just my SWAG Theory.

It’s muddy once again but we won’t complain.

Gunflint rainy day
Gunflint Trail waterfalls


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