Still Smoking

<%image(20081104-trestlejoshab.jpg|300|225|Ham Lake Fire Trestle )%>

     It isn’t the smoke from Abby’s birthday cake although she is celebrating her 9th birthday today!  It’s hard to believe she’s been around that long already.  It’s even more difficult to believe there is still smoke from the Ham Lake Fire.

     The Ham Lake Fire is still burning.  Can you imagine that?  It’s been almost a year and a half and smoke is still coming from the trestle off of Gunflint Lake.  Our friend Bob took the kids on a boat ride to see the falls and then they went to investigate the trestle.      

<%image(20081104-trestlesmokesm.jpg|300|225|Trestle at Gunflint Lake)%>

 They didn’t have to get too close and they could smell the smoke.  I kind of wish the USFS would go back and use some more dynamite and end the thing once and for all.  This has got to be the longest a fire has ever burned, well it may not technically be burning, but it is still smoking.