Snow Fun

     The first snow at our house is almost like Christmas morning…  I hear the pitter patter of bare feet coming up the stairs, feel the excitement in the way the kids shake me and know something magical has happened as my blinds are ripped open wide.  "Mom! Do you see the snow outside?"  "Can we go outside and play?" "Get up and find our snow pants and boots and mittens and sled and hats and hurry up!"

     Except this year it was a little bit different.  Last Saturday Instead of just my two kids waking me up there was a half of a dozen third grade girls in my bedroom.  All of which needed clothes to go outside and play in the fresh fallen snow.  I stumbled out of bed, tore apart the closet and miraculously found boots and mittens for everyone.  I sat down thinking I would have time to relax while they played outside but the thrill was short lived and the slumber party girls were back inside in no time.

     On Sunday, knowing we had received our first real snow it was time to really get ready for winter.  I armed myself with shovels and strategically placed them in front of each door.  I dug through automotive stuff until I found two perfect scrapers for my vehicle.  I scurried about like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter and got everything ready for another snow that would most likely last a little longer, perhaps for the entire winter.

     The first snowfall always brings a smile to my face.  I love to look at all of the tracks left by the busy animals and see the flakes sparkle in the sunlight.  I enjoy shoveling the deck for the first time and trying to catch a snowflake on my tongue.  I’m just as excited as the kids to try to get the sled to make it down the mainly gravel driveway or to try to make a snowball.   I’m ready for winter and all of the snow fun it will bring.