Make a Wish

     If you have something you have been hoping for then look to the sky.  There will be stars falling from the sky this week that you can make a wish on.  The Leonids Meteor Shower is coming and you could find yourself making up to 40 wishes an hour!

Leonids Meteor Shower. The Leonids is one of the better meteor showers to observe, producing an average of 40 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower itself has a cyclic peak year every 33 years where hundreds of meteors can be seen each hour. The last of these occurred in 2001. The shower peaks this year on the morning of November 17, but you can usually see some meteors from November 13 – 20. A waxing gibbous moon will be a problem, so only the brighter meteors will be visible. Look for the shower radiating from the constellation Leo after .