Spring Snow

Just when you thought it was all over…  Yesterday as I was driving home from town I noticed a strange looking sky.  Just a few minutes later the sky was filled with big, white, fluffy snowflakes.  It snowed and snowed the entire way home and it looked like a mid-winter blizzard.  It continued to snow throughout the day and into the evening creating once again a snow covered scene.  The trees are coated with snow and the new snow brightens up our "old" piles of snow.  The Gunflint Trail that was completely dry is wet and slippery again.  I know this snow will not last and that sooner, rather than later I will have to put away my winter toys.   The only solace I find in hanging up my skis and snowshoes is the sad memory of putting away my paddle last fall and my excited anticipation of taking it out as soon as the ice has melted for another year.