Northern Lights

Those people who have been outside the past few evenings have been treated to a few shows put on by the Northern Lights.  My friend Heather enjoyed them while sitting on a chair in the middle of Gunflint Lake.  I can just picture her now with popcorn in one hand and a can of coke in the other staring at the sky like it is a big movie screen.  She neglected to call and tell me about the show because she thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to me since I’ve lived up here so long.   I can’t imagine not wanting to go outside and see them because they are such an amazing thing to watch.  As the colors dance across the sky one cannot help but get mesmerized by it all.  Combine that with the sounds of the winter silence and it almost becomes mystical.  Colors change from green to pink to white to purple as they make their way back and forth across the northern sky.  I never grow tired of watching their show no matter how many times I see them.