It’s Now or Next Year

The kids will have their Spring Break starting next weekend so we will be leaving the Gunflint Trail and heading South.  We will be away for a week and by the time we return I am afraid most of my lovely snow will have disappeared.  This weekend I will try frantically to pack in the winter activities I love best.  I plan to ski the Trails on Saturday and hopefully go Lake Trout fishing in the Boundary Waters on Sunday.  Some time in there I would love to squeeze in a short snowshoe hike or snowmobile ride.  There are trails I wanted to ski, lakes I wanted to fish, and places I wanted to snowmobile to, but most of them will have to wait until next year.  Another thing I have to do before we leave is to get down to eat at Trail Center because they close on April 2nd for the entire month.  Now can you see why I get so depressed this time of the year?  Oh well, soon the lakes will thaw and Winter will just be a memory until time flies by through the Summer and Winter is upon us again.