Snowy Saturday After Thanksgiving

     Yesterday I enjoyed a walk without worrying about slipping on ice and snow.  I went to the Trail’s End Campground for a look around and startled two busy beavers in a pocket of open water.  I also checked out the falls at campsite 19 and saw basically no water there or in the rapids.  I enjoyed climbing all over the rocks looking for treasures and found a couple of lures and a pair of sunglasses in their case.  Abby wasn’t having fun and kept trying to hurry me along.  She said, "Mom, you can come back and look tomorrow." 

     Little did Abby know there would be almost a foot of snow on the ground when I woke up this morning.  I won’t be climbing around the rocks or looking for treasures at the campground today.  Who knows when the water level will be this low again if ever.  Such is life when one door of opportunity closes another opens somewhere.