You Spent Thanksgiving Where, Doing What?

     One thing I like about Facebook is it keeps me posted on where our past Voyageur Crew members are and what they are doing.  I was however a little bit suprised to find out what Scott Ewen was doing on Thanksgiving.  He worked for us probably 10 years ago and is a very active person.  He’s competed in ironman triathalons and is quite the experienced kayaker as well.  Here’s what Scott posted regarding his Thanksgiving Holiday while in Pokhara, Nepal.

" We survived the Madi Khola and boy was it a long one. Over 6 hours of paddling time with only a few hundred yards of flat water. It must have been over 15 river miles with 100+ class III/IV rapids with a couple of class V’s thrown in for fun. With the view at the start and class V jeep/bus ride in and out of the valley, it was clearly the best river I’ve done. That was our Thanksgiving!"