The Day After Thanksgiving

     How are you spending the day after Thanksgiving?  Are you shopping? Putting up a Christmas Tree? Back at work?  I’m doing a little bit of all from the end of the Gunflint Trail today.

     I’m not the type of person who shops in stores on Black Friday.  I don’t even like shopping on weekends because there are too many people to deal with.  However there are a few inbox e-mail shopping specials I have to check out.

     There’s always work to be done at Voyageur.  While my back is still too out of whack to buck up our cord of wood I’ll have to focus on the lighter work.  There’s always emails to answer, paperwork to push and tasks that need completing.

     The most exciting thing I want to get on today’s agenda is getting our Christmas Tree.  The challenge is it’s across the river at our neighbor’s cabin.  She doesn’t want the pine tree so close to her cabin and said we should take it for our tree this year.  The state the river is in right now is what makes it challenging. 

     It’s the time of the year when the river waffles between liquid and solid.  It was primarily solid before this recent warm spell and now it looks quite unstable.  I think it would be an adventure to attempt to walk/drag a canoe across to get the tree.  We shall see if anyone else in my family is up for the challenge.

     In case you are interested in doing a little shopping today be sure to check out our new Shopping website Jessica set up for us.  It looks great and she has so many things on there you’re sure to find something you want.  There are maps(great gift wrap), clothing, gift cards and a great selection of books for both adults and children.  If you place an order today then we’ll include a free ornament with your purchase.

     Whatever you are doing this day after Thanksgiving take some time to write a comment and let me know what you’re up to.  Happy Day after Thanksgiving everyone.