Rain on the Alpine Fire?

The forecast calls for some moisture for today and the next couple of days.  A good rain would certainly help cool down any hot spots that still remain in the Alpine Lake Fire.  Fire crews are still busy working the fire lines and there are quite a few who are camped out in close proximity to the fire.  According to the USFS, there are approximately 25 miles of hose creating "wet line" around the fire and the fire perimeter is 9.5 miles.  The number of personnel on the fire is decreasing daily as the threat to homes and businesses is no longer a major concern.  The affect of the fire will be difficult to see as most of it did not reach the shoreline of the lakes.  There will be a few spots on Seagull, Alpine, Red Rock and Grandpa Lake where the scorched area will be evident, but thankfully no homes or buildings were lost.  We are so grateful to all of the hardworking people on the Alpine Lake Fire, they are doing an amazing job.