People Are Picking Blueberries

Vehicles have been lining the ditches along the Gunflint Trail lately and cars are parked on usually vacant Forest Service Roads. The past few years the blueberries have ripened much earlier than this year and they would have been at their peak in mid-July. This year the blueberries haven’t reached their peak yet due to the unusually long winter and cold spring.

There are blueberries on the bushes that are blue and there are blueberries that are green as well.  It’s about half and half now where some are ripe and some are not. For a picky picker like me I don’t want to go picking until they are all ripe and the picking is easier. When all of the berries aren’t ripe yet I worry about picking a green one or stepping on ones that aren’t ripe yet.

I’ve talked to people who have hiked some of the nearby trails and they have been happy with the blueberry picking. The Seagull Lake Nature Trail and Blueberry Hill Trail along with the ever popular Magnetic Rock Trail are all great places to find blueberries. They are nice places to pick because it’s more difficult to get lost when you are alongside of a trail.

I have a feeling we’ll be picking blueberries for the entire month of August and probably into September this year. Happy Picking everyone and remember to tread lightly.

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