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Bears and Blueberries on the Gunflint Trail

The blueberry crop this year has been disappointing. First the very wet spring was to blame and then too many days of hot sunshine dried out the few berries there were. Combine that with all of the extremely large piles

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Biggest Blueberry on the Gunflint Trail

There’s a contest this summer on the Gunflint Trail and it involves one of my favorite passtimes- picking blueberries. While the berries are starting to turn blue there are still way more green berries on the bushes than there are

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Warm Memories

These warm days remind me of warmer days and memories of summer blueberry picking. Thankfully I have the blueberries in my freezer as a constant reminder of warmth and companionship.

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Blueberry Picking on the Gunflint Trail

As soon as someone says the word “blueberries” the pickers hit the Gunflint Trail. There have been numerous vehicles parked alongside the road and on the side roads for the past couple of weeks. People are picking blueberries because they

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Picking Berries on the Gunflint Trail

People are out and about on the Gunflint Trail. There are vehicles parked along side of the road at some of the well-known blueberry picking spots. We’ve seen people with bug nets and ice cream buckets crouched down in the

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Gunflint Trail Wildflowers and Plants

I love to watch the northwoods plant life change as the days pass by. The strawberries, blueberries, roses, service berries, bluebead lilies and more bloom early in the summer and then transform into their mid-summer look. In place of petals

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Don’t Get Lost

I read a story about a man getting lost in California while he was on a fishing trip and it reminded me about a couple I encountered the other day. I was out picking blueberries with friends in a very

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Blueberries and Wild Rice

What do blueberries and wild rice have in common? You can put both of them in pancakes and you can harvest both of them on the Gunflint Trail.  This year the blueberries ripened later than normal due to the long

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People Are Picking Blueberries

Vehicles have been lining the ditches along the Gunflint Trail lately and cars are parked on usually vacant Forest Service Roads. The past few years the blueberries have ripened much earlier than this year and they would have been at

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Blue Bears

It’s not a new species of bear but the bears are blue because they are sad. The blueberry crop has not ripened yet and the bears are hungry.  One very skinny bear has been checking out the garbages at Voyageur

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