Find Something Unusual?

I read an article the other day about a plane that went missing five years ago while flying along the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Neither the pilot nor the plane have been found.

The article also talked about other missing people including, “Nathan Williams, a 21-year-old University of Minnesota Morris student, was reported missing in 2004 in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Charles Johnson, a 51-year-old Silver Bay resident, was reported missing in 2002 and was presumed to have drowned in Greenwood Lake, but a body was never recovered.”

I’ve never thought about reporting something unusual that I’ve found while out in the woods or the Boundary Waters. Lake County Sheriff suggests, “Report things they see in the woods — even objects they think are trash could be something from the plane.”

It’s a good thing to keep in mind if you come across something peculiar when you’re out in the woods. You just never know.


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Summer Savings

If you were hoping for a summer deal on a canoe trip then I’m sorry for misleading you. This post is actually about saving energy and maybe some money while you are away on your summer vacation.  Of course we hope you are vacationing with Voyageur!

Going on summer vacation? Try some simple ways to save energy at home while you’re away- MN Department of Commerce
SAINT PAUL – While on summer vacation, you don’t need to pay for energy at home that you won’t use.

Whether you are leaving town for one week, two weeks or more, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce energy use in your home while saving money in the process.

The Minnesota Commerce Department and U.S. Department of Energy recommend the following:

Turn up the temperature on your thermostat. It doesn’t make sense to cool your home if you’re not there. Set your thermostat at 85 degrees so the air conditioning system will occasionally turn on to remove humidity. Learn more about thermostats.
Turn down the temperature on your water heater. Water heating accounts for about 20 percent of annual energy costs in a Minnesota home. Instead of the recommended setting of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, turn the control knob to “vacation mode.” Read more to cut water heating bills.
Reduce standby power loads. Many consumer electronics and appliances use power even when switched off or in standby mode, costing the average U.S. household $100 per year. To cut standby power, use power strips and turn them off or unplug electronics when not in use. Buy ENERGY STAR® products, which consume less standby power. But keep the power on for some appliances such as refrigerators and freezers. Read more.
Keep window shades and curtains drawn to block heat from the afternoon sun.
Make sure all lights are turned off. For lights on a security timer, use energy-efficient CFL or LED lights.
Whether to turn off your refrigerator depends on how long you will be gone. If it is just a week or two, it may not be worth the trouble. If you plan to be away for a month or more, you can save on electricity, but you will need to clean the fridge and keep the door ajar to prevent mold. Consult your owner’s manual. GE offers recommendations for refrigerator shutdowns.

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Voyageur Canoe Crew Member Maddy

We are so thankful to have Maddy back for her 3rd year as a Voyageur Crew member. Maddy is from St. Paul, MN and attends Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. This past semester she lived in Ecuador and had an amazing adventure.


Maddy 2017

Maddy 2015

When Maddy isn’t working during her time at Voyageur she likes hiking, canoeing and cliff jumping. She has been on a number of BWCA trips and her favorite BWCA Lake is Lake of the Clouds. Her favorite route is Round through Snipe and out through Ham and her favorite piece of camping equipment is a a good frying pan handle. I didn’t ask her the story behind that piece of equipment but I know there must be one because she used to say her hammock was her favorite piece of equipment.  Maybe you can ask her for the story when you visit Voyageur this summer.  The lake she most wants to visit is Blackstone in the Quetico Park and I don’t blame her. It is one of my favorite lakes in the

The lake she most wants to visit is Blackstone in the Quetico Park and I don’t blame her. It is one of my favorite lakes in the northwoods and I have many happy memories from there.

She likes to paddle solo and this summer she is most looking forward to floating the Cross River with the crew. After last year’s Seagull Creek adventure I really look forward to hearing about this crew adventure.

Maddy 2015

Although Maddy is in Environmental Studies when she grows up she wants to be the co-mail lady of the Gunflint Trail route with co-worker Sarah. It would be wonderful if she and Sarah took over the route because then they could continue to be a part of the Voyageur Crew for the rest of their lives.



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Voyageur Crew Member Sarah

Voyageur BWCA canoe outfitter

Sarah 2017


Sarah just graduated from the University of Minnesota with a major in Marketing. She has many talents and I’m sure she may change her mind but she says when she grows up she wants to deliver mail on the Gunflint Trail with Maddy. Both Maddy and Sarah are in their 3rd summer of working at Voyageur and get along remarkably. Maybe Sarah will take over marketing for Voyageur Canoe Outfitters and deliver mail on the Gunflint Trail?

Canoe Outfitting Crew

Sarah 2016

Time will tell but for now we’re just so happy to have her back for the 3rd summer. In her free time she enjoys running, nordic skiing, cooking, listening to podcasts and hammocking.  She loves to hang out with the crew and is looking forward to the canoe races this summer.
Sarah’s been on a number of canoe trips during her years at Voyageur. Her favorite route is Saganaga through Ottertrack, Ogish and out through Seagull Lake. Her favorite lake is Cross Bay Lake and the lake she most wants to visit is Little Saganaga. I’m hoping she’ll be able to get to Little Sag this summer or fall.  She likes to solo camp and her favorite camping equipment is a pair of wool socks.
We’re so happy to have Sarah on the Voyageur Crew!
Voyageur Canoe Outfitters

Sarah 2015

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Voyageur Crew Member Joe


Gunflint Trail BWCA outfitter

Joe 2017

We are so happy to have Joe back for his 3rd summer at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters. Joe is from Topeka, Kansas and he loves to paddle, camp, snowboard, hike, read, write, bike and play basketball. Sometimes on his days off he will drive into Grand Marais to play basketball at the YMCA but most of his time off is spent hanging out with the crew and going on canoe camping trips.

Boundary Waters outfitter

Joe 2016


His favorite lake in the Boundary Waters is Ottertrack Lake and his favorite BWCA route is the Frost River trip. It’s been awhile since I’ve paddled that route but I know it was a wonderful trip and I look forward to paddling it again. His favorite piece of camping gear is his coffee mug and he enjoys solo canoe trips.

Last year he went on a Quetico Park canoe trip with his brothers and had a wonderful time. He’s looking forward to taking as many canoe trips as possible this summer.

Joe 2015


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Boundary Waters Outfitter, Jack


BWCA canoe outfitter

Jack 2017

Does Jack look familiar to you? Every time I see him I can’t believe how much he looks like his older brother Andrew who worked at Voyageur for a number of years beginning in 2007. I think it’s 5 years? In any case it’s now ten years later, his brother Jack is here and we are so thrilled to have him on the Voyageur crew.



BWCA canoe trip

Andrew 2011

Jack is from Montevideo, Minnesota and is a Senior at St. Cloud State University. He’s studying Spanish and planning & community development.  He enjoys photography and a camera is his favorite piece of camping equipment. Although he’s been on Boundary Waters canoe trips he doesn’t have a favorite lake or route in the BWCA. He has been on solo canoe trips and wants to visit Lake of the Clouds. He’s going on a canoe trip with his brother Andrew this summer so maybe he’ll visit that lake then. He’s looking forard to the rest of the summer and living in the woods of the Gunflint Trail.


It’s wonderful to have Jack at Voyageur and his personality and work ethic are just as awesome as his brother Andrew’s.


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Canoe Outfitter Anna

Anna is from Kinston, North Carolina and will be graduating from Appalachian State University this December. She is majoring in Recreation Management with a concentration in Outdoor Experiential Education.

Anna enjoys spending time with dog and her love of dogs is evident. Whenever there are dogs at Voyageur she is the first to greet them warmly.  She also likes to read, canoe, hike and kayak and would be up for a solo canoe trip with her dog. Her favorite lake is Basswood and her favorite route is in the Grand Portage area. Her favorite piece of camping equipment is her Montbell Burrow Sleeping Bag #3. She hopes to see a moose this summer and we hope she will see more than one.

We love having Anna on our crew and are looking forward to having her here the rest of the summer.

gunflint trail outfitter

Anna 2017

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Outfitter Crew Member Rachael

Rachael joins us from Shakopee, Minnesota as a recent graduate from Winona State University. You may recall Tony and Hannah as well as a few other previous crew members attended Winona and that’s how Rachael heard about Voyageur.

She hasn’t spent much time in the BWCA but enjoys nature, yoga on the dock and the quiet time she has to contemplate existence while at Voyageur on the Gunflint Trail. Her favorite piece of camping equipment is her journal. While she doesn’t have a favorite lake or routein the Boundary Waters she hopes to be able to take a solo canoe trip sometime.

We’re happy to have another Winona State crew member at Voyageur and love having it be Rachael.

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BWCA Canoe Outfitter, Giulia

This year we have two female crew members from the East Coast.  Giulia is from Richmond, Virginia and is in her Junior year at Rhodes College studying spanish, anthropology and sociology. Her hobbies include reading, mentoring, running and watching Frontline documentaries. I also know she likes to listen to podcasts because of a recent conversation we had.

When she’s not working she likes to spend time canoeing, sitting around the campfire, gazing at stars, hiking and getting to know the rest of the crew better. She’s looking forward to being outside this summer and taking time to savor the moments. She doesn’t have a favorite BWCA route or lake yet but wants to visit Lake of the Clouds.  She isn’t sure about solo tripping but her favorite pieces of equipment are her tea mug and her hammock. We’re hoping she’ll find favorite lakes and routes in the BWCA this summer.

We’re excited to have Giuila at Voyageur and hope she’ll enjoy it so much she’ll want to return.

BWCA canoe trip outfitting

Giulia 2017

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Leading Voyageur Canoe Outfitters

Matt Ritter and Cassidy Bechtold are on their second summer of leading the Voyageur Crew. Matt previously spent a couple of summers at Voyageur and is very familiar with Saganaga Lake.


BWCA outfitter

Cass 2017

Matt loves to paddle, camp and fish in the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park. Last year he and Cassidy were able to take a fly-in Quetico Park canoe trip and had a great time. His favorite lake in the Boundary Waters is Grandpa Lake and his favorite route includes Ester and Hansen.  He likes to take solo canoe trips and his favorite piece of camping equipment is his hammock. When he’s not working he’s usually out fishing or camping. He’s looking forward to bonfires, making memories and catching a huge fish or three this summer.


Cassidy is an outdoor enthusiast and loves being around so many awesome humans both crew members and guests alike. She likes hanging out with the crew even if it involves getting lost on a canoe adventure. Her favorite lake in the BWCA is Lake of the Clouds and her favorite route includes Ottertrack.  She’s hoping to visit Grandpa Lake and I’m guessing she’ll have time to do so this summer. She’s already gone out camping this summer and plans to do it alot more.

Gunflint Trail canoe trip outfitter

Matt 2017


We are super blessed to have Matt and Cassidy leading the crew once again this summer. They are hard-working individuals who take great care of our crew, guests and Voyageur as a whole.

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