Outdoor Gadget Gifts

Here’s a couple of neat products you can purchase for the person who has everything.

Ever heard of the MyFC Powertrekk?  I don’t give the makers credit for coming up with a good name but it does seem like a good gadget.  It is used to charge gadgets without the use of electricity.  It could be for use in a remote area like the Boundary Waters when you need to re-charge your GoPro or for use when there’s a power outage.  All it takes is some water and a powertrekk puck and you’ve got a charger.


Charge with water!


The myfc PowerTrekk is a revolutionary portable charger that by it self, generates electricity from water – based on Swedish Fuel Cell technology.

Just by adding water and a myFC Puck with salt – you will be completely independent of the power grid.

The great thing about our Fuel Cell charger is that it is like a portable power plant – it actually produces the electricity you need.
With its unique fuel-cell technology, myFC PowerTrekk uses the hydrogen from the water and converts that into electricity and can therefore deliver instant, reliable power. Anywhere, anytime.

With one myFC Puck and a little bit of water you will get 1200 mAh (4 Wh). The internal battery contains 1500 (5 Wh) mAh, which you can choose to charge either via the Fuel Cell (water and a Puck) or via the electrical outlet, when you’re close to one. For more technical information, click here

The myFC Power Trekk offers freedom and safety: freedom from the electricity grid and safety when that last little bar of battery life is about to die on your screen.

Solar powered
Solar power recharger

Another product is the BoostSolar by Eton.  It’s a solar-powered backup battery pack that will fully charge most smartphones twice and can also charge tablets. Best of all it’s re-charged from the sun. They also have hand powered battery backups like the one called BoostTurbine.

These are some neat gift options for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone who wants to recharge their gadgets without the use of electricity.

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