Stupid Cell Phone Games

“Are you still playing that game? Put the phone away and go to sleep.”

“But I just have 2 minutes until I hatch my Entbret and then I can feed him so he can breed and then he’ll earn more coins too.”

“Seriously Sue?”

Yes, of course I am serious. This Singing Monster game is the best thing to come around since sliced bread.(Can you imagine a time when bread wasn’t already sliced?) And while the above conversation didn’t actually happen it easily could have.  Yes, I am obsessed/addicted to the game My Singing Monsters. 

It started when I heard this sweet melody coming from my son Josh’s cell phone.  Then I heard a noise that sounded like a slot machine makes when you win. I usually try to feign interest when it comes to the games my kids play on their cell phones but this one had me curious.  I asked him to explain it to me and he described it with enthusiasm.

“Each monster makes a unique sound and you can hatch more monsters, you bake food, feed the monsters, you try to make them happy, the happier they are the more coins they make, the more coins they make the more decorations you can buy or you can buy other islands or diamond mines or…. The possibilities are endless.”

And so they are! I proceeded to download the game onto my cell phone.  I asked him annoying questions about the amount of coins they could make, why I couldn’t breed a certain monster and got curt answers. “Gotta have the monster to level 4 before they can breed… Get your torch lit, it increases odds of hatching that monster.”

And guess what? The answers he didn’t know I could find on the internet! It turns out there’s a website that tells you everything you need to know about My Singing Monsters. It shows you what the monster eggs look like so you don’t have to wait for it to hatch to know what’s inside. Kind of like knowing the gender of your baby before it is born.

All this stuff is super important and way more fun than doing the dishes, vaccuuming, cleaning the bathroom and especially more fun the shoveling or homework. I totally get where he’s coming from when he says, “Just one more minute and I’ll be right there.”  No wonder those kids don’t want us to limit their cell phone time.  If he doesn’t go on to check his monsters every so often then he won’t know when his food is done cooking and time will be wasted, coins will be lost, breeding will be delayed.

You can learn something from playing this game. How to ration food and determine which monsters get fed and how much you should feed each one. There’s the math and budgeting of money and determining if it is worth it to upgrade your castle or if you should just sell your monster. There’s the music too and the memory game you can play once a day for free.

I’m being completely honest. It may be the stress of the season but I know if there were stay at home mom’s who watched soap operas anymore those television shows would be replaced rapidly with My Singing Monsters. If you don’t believe it then try it yourself. It starts out kind of slow because you can only breed so fast, but once it gets going it just gets more entertaining.  Of course you could spend real money and purchase coins, diamonds or food but Mike doesn’t think it’s worth it. He doesn’t have the app on his phone obviously.

Oh, and when you do download My Singing Monsters  be sure to find me and friend me, my code is 7181137NN.  Please visit my island and light one of my torches for me too. You can email me your code and I can add you as a friend and then I’ll earn diamonds.  And by the way, I’m currently a Level ahead of Josh as sad and pathetic as that may sound.

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