I’m So Excited

     I am so happy to know people out there actually read my blog!  I’ve had a couple of comments in the past couple of days that aren’t SPAM!  One is in regard to my post about JJ the lost dog in the Boundary Waters. Someone spotted him near Sawbill so please keep your eyes open out there.

The other comment is a reader who is very upset with me for my posting a lie about the blueberry crop.  My apologies to anyone else who didn’t understand what I wrote wasn’t true. There are still blueberries left for everyone on the Gunflint Trail.

Please keep commenting it gives me hope and a reason for writing. Find the comments below.


Posted by Stephanie… JJ was spotted today (July 29) on the northwest side of Sawbill Lake. Would you please help get the word out? Details are here, from Sawbill Outfitters – JJ, the lost border collie was seen by a party on the far nortwest side of Sawbill Lake at Noon on Monday, July 29th. They were eating lunch at a campsite, when the dog appeared in the site. When they called to him, he ran off, headed south.

If you are paddling on Sawbill, or nearby lakes, please keep a sharp eye out for JJ.

He is extremely skittish, so should be coaxed to yummy food very gently.

Bill Hansen
Sawbill Canoe Outfitters
– See more at: http://www.boundarywatersblog.com/?item=dog-gone-in-the-boundary-waters#comment2205

Posted by John… This is false. Blueberries are thick and a frost did not kill them off. I’m sorry the author chose to write such nonsense as many people plan their vacation to the Gunflint Trail around the berry picking season. Come pick…there is enough for everyone This writing is inexcusable..