JJ the Lost Dog is Found!

I’m so happy to report JJ the dog lost in the Boundary Waters has been found!  I was very tempted to go paddling and camping on Sawbill Lake just to try to find the poor pup so I’m super glad he’s back with his family.  Here’s the story from the owner as posted on our Voyageur Facebook page.

I see there is an online article about it to you might want to check out.

My neighbor posted that you had mentioned our dog on your blog-I’m a new fan and thought I would let you know what happened. This was my Facebook post when we got home. Thanks!!!!
Operation Rescue JJ is complete: Here is how it all went down:

2 campers, Mike and Dave are the reason we have him home. JJ was in there camp site all morning on Tuesday. Mike went out paddling to see if he could find anyone that had lost a dog. They hadn’t seen the notice at the Outfitters and had no idea how long he had been out there. Mike ran into a family that we had talked to. We were just sitting at the campsite that JJ had been seen at the day before, waiting for a miracle and thinking that we were pretty ridiculous when he paddled up in a kayak and asked if we were the ones missing a dog. We followed him to the other site- about a 30 minute paddle. He thought JJ would probably stay there cause it was easy food and he had been there all morning.As we were coming up a couple of the outfitters and Dave (Mike’s buddy) told us that they had just brought him more food but he had gotten scared and ran. We spent the next 3 hours hanging out in their camp site. They made us coffee and soup and a fire. It started to look like it might rain and we didn’t have any camping stuff with us so we started to head back. Another 30-45 minutes back to the outfitter. It cleared up while we were paddling back, figures cause he appeared back at their site shortly after we left. We headed to Tofte to spend the night but couldn’t get cell phone coverage so we went to Lutsen. As soon as we got there I had a voice mail from Dave saying that shortly after we left, JJ showed up on a rock across the way and just sat there for an hour. He finally made his way back to the campsite for dinner. While Dave paddled back to the Outfitters to get us the message Mike was able to make a trail of hotdogs and get JJ in his tent. JJ wouldn’t let either one of them touch him. They said he just laid down in the tent and every once in awhile all night he would whimper and cry. THEY GAVE HIM ONE OF THEIR TENTS! Seriously, unbelievable! We had no idea what was going to happen when we got back over to their campsite this morning. It seemed like it took FOREVER to paddle back! We figured we should try to be really quiet cause we didn’t want to scare him off again. As we were coming up Mike yelled, we’ve got him in the tent. We got up there as fast as we could and he was looking at us through the tent window- it took him a second for him to recognize us, the he did. He started crying (so did we) and wagging his tail. Seriously, it was so incredible. Mike and Dave were UNBELIEVABLE! Then we had to paddle back-I have never been so happy to see my car! Really unbelievable how many people helped us out! So that’s the story. CRAZY! I’m having issues with my phone but I will post pics as soon as I can figure out what is up. THANKS FOR ALL THE THOUGHTS, PRAYERS AND POSITIVE ENERGY YOU SENT OUR WAY! Talking with Bill, the Outfitter at Sawbill, JJ came through really rough terrain with cliffs, marsh and a couple of wolf dens. If only he could tell us his story, I’m sure it would be something!”