I Had Game

     Yesterday was a game filled day and now I need a time out.  I’ve been having fun helping coach kids this fall.  Abby and Josh are playing soccer on the same team so I help coach a team of 16 plus 7 and 8 year olds.  I love to play volleyball and the 5th and 6th grade girl’s coach needed help with the 20 plus girls she has on her team.

     It was a beautiful day outside yesterday, as it seems to be every day.  I decided to take a hike up the Devil’s Track River to Pincushion Mountain before reporting for coaching duties.  It was a beautiful hike as always but the river gorge was changed by the big rain we had this spring.  New areas were carved out, some trees were washed away and it was like a whole new trail in some places.  I enjoyed myself but was a bit exhausted after completing the five mile trek in an hour and a half.

     The girl’s volleyball team scrimmaged amongst themselves from 3:15pm until around 4:45pm.  Then I went to thte soccer field for practice from 5:15-6:30pm.  In between and after the practices Abby had Girl Scouts and we worked on spelling words for her test today.

     Wednesday I made a trip to Duluth and back to run some much needed errands and didn’t return until after 11:00pm.  Thank Goodness it’s Friday because I’m tired and I need a time out before I start the weekend game of outfitting!