Game Over

     There are many games we play throughout our lives, at least that’s what I like to call them.  I play two main games, the outfitter game and the mom game.  The mom game has sub-categories like innings in baseball or quarters in football.  The mom game is far more complex than the outfitter game because of all of the players and opponents. 

     I haven’t given this much thought because it wasn’t going to be the topic of today’s blog.  Let’s just say both games are complex.  The mom one includes helping in classrooms, coaching, transporting kids various places, making necessary appointments, checking homework, and so on and so forth.  The outfitter one is also difficult and complex in a different way, customer service, marketing, store inventory, hiring, cleaning and on and on.

     Neither of the games that I play are over, so don’t get the wrong idea.  This whole blog was about something very simple.  A dog.  This dog wasn’t just any dog in any normal yard.  This dog was found lying on the deck of a resort I visited recently.

     I love dogs so my first instinct was to say, "Oh, hey little guy, how are you, you’re so cute, I love you."  As I was saying this and walking toward the dog he stood up, turned around, walked away, stuck his head out between the ballisters of the deck and layed back down with his butt facing toward me. 

     Then it hit me.  "Game Over."  This was the Resort Dog.  This cute little guy had had enough of summer, enough of guests bugging him and was all done with his game. 

     I knew this dog game too.  My two huskies who are now in dog heaven used to be done with their game about this time of the year too.  However, Rugby still has game!  October is looming but Rugby is just as happy to see new guests at Voyageur now as he was in May.  How about you?  What’s that saying?

You Got Game?