Hindsight, School and Slippery Road Conditions

     A light snow was falling this morning when we made our way out to the bus stop.  About an inch had fallen over night and the temperature was around 27 degrees.  Perfect conditions for slippery roads made me drive slowly and cautiously out to the Gunflint Trail.  Too slowly I guess as the bus had already departed for the next stop.  I could see the lights of the bus flashing through the trees as it rounded the corner.  I continued to drive with care and followed behind the bus the ten miles until the next stop.  With kids safely deposited I turned around for home.

     Back on Sag Lake Trail less than a mile from home I rounded a corner apparently too quickly.  Skidding sideways my tires came too close to the edge of the road and soon they were sliding downward into the ditch.  There wasn’t any way to drive or push the car out as the Highway Department had done some work on the corner this fall and left the embankment quite steep.

      You would think I would listen to my own advice about winter driving but I don’t.  Two left handed gloves were in the car so I grabbed those and wearing tennis shoes and no jacket Rugby and I started the walk home.

      The roads were slippery this morning and there is a winter storm warning with 7 inches of new snow expected on the Gunflint Trail.  The storm was in the forecast yet no one at the kid’s school must have looked at it.  A phone call from Abby around 8:30am alerted me to the fact school would be letting out at 10:30am today. 

     Seriously?  Three hours on the slippery roads for 2 hours of school?  I guess I shouldn’t have tried to catch the school bus this morning.  Oh well, hopefully I’ll have better luck when I go out to pick the kids up from their short day of school.