Great Outdoors Month

     Not that I need any more incentive to enjoy the great outdoors but if some of you need motivation then listen to the President of the United States.  George W. Bush has proclaimed June as Great Outdoors Month.

Great Outdoors Month is an opportunity to celebrate and experience America’s natural splendor and renew our commitment to conserve our air, water, and land. During this month, we also honor the dedicated men and women who volunteer to help protect our natural resources.  

<%image(20070610-joshbasssm.jpg|300|200|Fishing in Canada)%>

    It won’t be difficult for me to take his advice and enjoy the great outdoors as I love to spend my time paddling, hiking and fishing.  Yesterday we did all three and took a quick trip up on Saganaga and portaged into a Canadian Lake.  We paddled around for about an hour and a half and between Josh and I we caught 9 fish.  We had a great time trolling our lures while Mike paddled us around.  I caught 3 Northern Pike and 2 Smallmouth Bass while Josh caught 2 Northern Pike, a Smallmouth Bass and a nice Walleye. 

     We released all of the fish so if you want to come up and enjoy the great outdoors you may be able to find those same fish or some of your own.  We’d love to see you at Voyaguer enjoying your time in the Great Outdoors this June.