Water Level in the BWCA

<%image(20070610-seagullsm.jpg|200|267|Seagull River in May)%>

     The Seagull River flows into Saganaga Lake through a "rapids."  It isn’t a technical rapids and there is usually plenty of water to navigate through with a boat and a motor.  This year the rapids started out very low and boating through with a motor was quite challenging.  So challenging in fact we decided to keep our tow boats on the Sag Channel side of our peninsula for the beginning of the season. 

<%image(20070610-searasm.jpg|200|300|Seagull River June)%>

 With the much needed rain we received we are once again able to easily navigate the rapids.  This is especially nice for our guests at Voyageur so they don’t have to trailer their boats to and from the public landing.  It’s also nice for our new staff who are trying to learn the tow boat routes and for our old staff to show off without hitting rocks.  

<%image(20070610-rocksm.jpg|300|225|River Rock May)%>

   There are a number or rocks we use as landmarks to make it through the rapids.  One of which is the largest rock that at times is completely submerged.  Most of the times it sits about half in and half out of the water but this spring it was completely out of the water.  You can see from these photos how low the water was in the beginning of May and how much it has come up since then from the photos taken on Sunday.

<%image(20070610-rocksm6.jpg|300|200|River Rock June)%>

     We’ll keep hoping for rain to keep the forests healthy and our water levels high.