Gee, Haw, Mush!

     Today is the day and it’s going to be a great day for the Mush for a Cure Fun Run.  If it weren’t for the many volunteers who have been working around the clock this event would not have been possible.  There’s quite a few things to do to pull off a dog sled event like this.  


    Volunteers marked and groomed trails, plowed off parking areas on the lakes, applied for permits, ordered t-shirts, collected donations, emailed friends, worked on marketing, spoke on the radio and much more.  Today there will be even more volunteers making sure teams will safely cross the Gunflint Trail and traverse the trail to Poplar Lake.  Other volunteers will be flipping pancakes, setting up tables and getting ready for the fun to continue into the night at Trail Center.  A big thank you to everyone who has helped put this event together in order to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

     We can’t forget to thank the mushers and their dog teams either.  They have been responsible for raising pledges in order to participate in the event and keeping their dogs in shape to run.   The spectators will no doubt be out in full force and we are grateful for everyone taking the time out of their busy schedules to join us in this fun event.   We hope to see a large crowd cheering on the teams at the beginning and the finish.

     I’m so excited for this day to begin I can hardly stand it.  Hope to see you on the Trail!