Wishing I Was Fishing


     Yesterday Mike and some friends went ice fishing for lake trout.  I unfortunately wasn’t invited along.  The temperature was warm and the fresh snow sticky.  The guys made their way by snowmobile as far as they could and then hiked into the lake.  They were in the Boundary Waters so they had to hand drill their holes with the ice auger.  They started in one area with a few holes and no bites.  Then they moved, drilled some more holes with again no bites.  Finally on the third try their luck changed.

     Almost two hours after they began fishing they landed their first fish.  A nice pound and a half lake trout was on the ice and before long another lake trout of about 4 pounds was caught.  A few more fish were caught before they tied into a big one.  Up through the hole came a beautiful twelve pound lake trout.  What an awesome day of ice fishing.

     I wish I could have been out there fishing like Mike, or better yet out there catching, unlike Mike!  Unfortunately Mike didn’t have the lucky hole or lure ane he came home skunked.  But, you know what they say, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.

Thanks for the photo Steve Ramberg!