Fall Back

     It was so nice to have an extra hour to sleep this morning thanks to Daylight Saving Time.  It will also be nice for taking the kids out to the bus stop in the morning.

     The sun is out less each day as we approach the winter solstice in December.  This fact was quite obvious the last couple of weeks when I got the kids up for school.  My alarm would go off with the sky still filled with stars and it would remain like this when I dropped them off.  It looked like a planetarium as I took my walk and noticed constellations on my way.  The sun wouldn’t even be peekng out when I was done with my walk 30 minutes later.  On Halloween, October 31st, twilight was at 7:09 AM and sunrise wasn’t until 7:41 AM.  The sun set at 5:43 PM so when the kids got off the bus I still had over an hour of daylight with them.

     I won’t be in the dark in the morning as much now since Daylight Saving Time.   Twilight will be around 6:15 AM and the sun will rise around 6:47 AM this week.  The bad news is at 4:30 PM when I’m picking the kids up after school the sun will already have set.   The daylight hours will just keep getting shorter and shorter until the hours of dark and light will be equal in mid-December.

     I’m lucky I have a reason to get up in the mornings and can see the changes of the daylight hours.  Before we know it the days will be getting longer and we’ll be springing forward once again.