Children Are Our Future

     Anyone who has ever read my blog knows how important my children and all children are to me.  It shouldn’t come as a suprise that the election I feel most strongly about is for a seat on the School Board in my District. 

     The students in our schools deserve the very best and that is why it is so important to have spectacular school board members.  We need people with open minds who are willing to be flexible when necessary.     

     I am voting for Diane Stoddard to be the School Board Representative for District #4.  I urge others in my District to do the same because I am confident Diane will do an outstanding job.       When it comes to serving as a School Board Member doing a “good” job just isn’t enough.  Our teachers and students deserve the best and I know Diane will work hard to do this.  I know this because she has two children attending our school and because I have seen her in action.

     I see Diane Stoddard in our school day after day.  She communicates with teachers, she helps students and she has her finger on the pulse of our school.  She has been active in Girl Scouts, PTA and extra-curricular activities so she knows the needs of the children and staff in our school.

   Diane has an open mind and takes time to listen and to understand what a person is saying.  She is willing to hear all sides of a story even if her view isn’t the same.  She will not only seek input from the people in her District but will also keep them informed. 

     Diane is Decisive, Determined and Dependable and that is why she Deserves your vote.  If you are in District #4 then please Please vote for Change and for the children and teachers in ISD 166.   Vote Diane Stoddard School Board Representative for District #4.