Politics and Religion

     I’m sure there are more than two topics a resort owner should not discuss with their guests but the two I always hear about are politics and religion.  As a resort owner you don’t want to give guests or prospective guests any reason not to like you or to disagree with you because you want your interaction with your guests to be 100 percent fuzzy feelings. 

     I know my blog reaches out farther than just my guests and as close as residents in Grand Marais.  It is never my intent to offend anyone with what I write about and share on my blog.  I realize everyone has different views and I welcome comments about my postings.  Sometimes I may not even agree with what I write but I challenge readers to think about the big picture and to find out more about a particular topic before forming an opinion.  Since it is impossible for me to not talk politics with the election so close I will be sharing a few views that are normally taboo for a resort owner to share.  Please remember these views are only my views and do not necessarily represent the views of my business partner and husband.  If you disagree with something I write then please do not talk to Mike about it because he does not read my blog and therefore does not censor it.  However, if he does get wind of something I write that he doesn’t like then I will have to monitor what I write and how boring would that be?

The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment

     Find out more about this important topic by visiting this website.  I was shocked to find out that some of the lakes I swam in as a kid in central Minnesota are no longer suitable for swimming.  This is common for many other states and maybe even in lakes in Southern Minnesota, but not central Minnesota.  There is a tool you can use on the website to check out the status of lakes in Minnesota as to whether or not they are suitable for recreation and/or if the fish are ok to eat.  Here’s a link to a cute video on you tube featuring a Strait Talking Moose who is urging people to vote yes or no on this Amendment.