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Prescribed Burns near the BWCA

Forest Fires and prescribed burns, what’s the difference? A prescribed burn is a fire set intentionally to burn fuel to prevent other larger fires from starting.  Sometimes these prescribed burns can turn into a forest fire as proven during the

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Fires Burn in the BWCA & Campfires to be Restricted

I hate the “F” word.  Fires may be good for the forest but I personally don’t like them. Especially when one of the fires is close to Amoeber Lake which is one of my favorite lakes in the Boundary Waters. 

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Wildfire in the BWCA

We were hoping we’d get through the 2013 canoeing season without a fire in the Boundary Waters. We haven’t had a fire ban all season long but it’s dry out there and now there’s a couple of fires burning.  Here’s

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