Forest is Thirsty

Our Superior National Forest is thirsty for a good rain. We only received .03″ last night while other places received a little more and a little less. While scouring the Gunflint Trail for blueberries I’ve done alot more walking than picking this year.  During these walks I’ve noticed just how dry it is in the woods.

The lack of rain has made it look more like fall a little too early. There are red leaves beginning to show, the ferns are turning orange and leaves are starting to change color from green to yellow.  The lichen is crispy and swampy areas are now drying up. It’s time for some rain and cooler temperatures.

This weekend the forecast calls for a high of 90 degrees! The high was 85 degrees yesterday so I’m guessing we’ll have no problem reaching the high 80’s again today and Friday.

There’s currently one small fire burning in the Tofte district of the forest and it is 50% contained. It’s a very small fire, there are lots of personnel and aircraft is available so that is good news. The bad news is there is fire danger and wildfires can start anytime.

What can you do? Be careful with fire! There are no restrictions in place yet but I would suggest not having a campfire except for during the evening. Then when you leave the campsite make sure the fire is dead out and cool to the touch.  And, a good old rain dance sometimes does the trick.

Superior National Forest                    Updated 08/14/2015 

USFS Tofte Ranger District                08:58

7355 West Hwy 61

Tofte, MN 55615


When: Today, August 13, 2015   Size: 40 acres           Location: Township 61 N, Range 6 West, Section 33

Description: The Wildfire started yesterday where Forest Service Personnel initialed attacked the fire.  At this time the ignition source is still unknown. The current personnel on scene are making good progress in containing the fire.  It is estimated that the containment is approximately 50%. There was ¼ inch of rain last night helping with suppression efforts. The crews will continue to line the fire using dozers, hand tools, and hose lays.

Resources: Two Forest Service engines, 45 Forest Service fire personal are on scene along with aerial support.

Messages: Due to fire personnel and smoke in the area of Lake County Road 7, please avoid travel and encourage others to stay clear of the area for their safety and the safety of our firefighters.

We will continue to update you if conditions change or as progress is made.

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