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Boundary Waters trip to Rose Lake

We’ve been working on updates to our Boundary Waters canoe trip routes on our website for a number of years. It’s a time consuming task and I have the tendency to want things to be perfect. What’s that saying, “Striving

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Lost in the Woods Advice from the USFS

The advice about what to do when you’re lost in the woods is from 1946 but some of it might still hold true.

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Lake Superior Splendor

A couple of sunset photos courtesy of Josh!

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Coming soon to Seagull Lake- 80-foot radio tower for your viewing pleasure!

WHAT? Someone decided it would be a good idea to place an 80-foot radio tower near the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department Hall #3 on Blankenburg Road near the Seagull Lake boat landing. I don’t have all of the details

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Snowmobile Races on the Gunflint Trail

Here’s a nice video Josh Prom took of the snowmobile races on the Gunflint Trail last weekend.

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Snow in the Forecast and Ice Fishing Fun

Bring on the snow! There’s snow in the forecast and we’re hoping we get our fair share. Any snow we get now helps keep the trails for skiing and snowmobiling last longer. And it makes travel to fishing holes easier

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Rocking Robins

I didn’t see a robin but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible according to the Minnesota DNR. Only 32 days till Spring . . . The recent brief spells of warm weather have many people looking forward to spring here

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Minnesota Moose Population Stable

From the Minnesota DNR Moose population remains low but stable for a seventh year Population estimate statistically unchanged from last year’s estimate Results of the 2018 moose survey indicate the moose population in northeastern Minnesota remains stable but relatively low

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Cross-country skiing isn’t for everyone

Did you happen to read the article about cross-country skiing in the New York Times Magazine? Sam Anderson’s article titled, “What Cross-Country Skiing Reveals About the Human Condition,” paints a picture of people who participate in cross-country skiing. The picture

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Happiness is skiing with your son

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  • What do you think about bringing wolves to Isle Royale to keep the moose population in check? It's not the same...

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