Abundant Sunshine and Soft Skiing

I love sunshine but I don’t like it when it reaches the cross-country ski trails I’m trying to ski. The sun is getting warmer each day and when it beats down onto the snow it has a tendency to create not so perfect skiing conditions.  You’ll be zooming along on hard snow, hit a patch of soft snow and while your skis stop abruptly your body continues its forward momentum. It can be quite shocking but thankfully I didn’t face plant at all today. I did accumulate some snow on the bottom of my skis but it wasn’t much and it didn’t stick for too long.

I guess I will have to get out earlier in the morning if I want to avoid the soft trails. Unfortunately for snow lovers the forecast calls for even warmer temperatures this coming week. Highs in the 40’s with lows just barely below freezing won’t help preserve the ski trails. The good news is there is a great base of snow and this warm weather can’t keep on forever.

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