52 Degrees on the Gunflint Trail

I know there are people who are ready for spring, but up here on the Gunflint Trail it isn’t going to be here for quite awhile. Temperatures above freezing just prolong the mud season and take away our winter fun.

Melting snow on top of lake ice causes super wet snowmobile riding and impossible cross-country skiing. When it re-freezes it creates a slick surface that doesn’t allow snowmobiles to cool off unless there is fresh snow on top of the ice. And, if you have ever fallen off of a snowmobile then you’ll know it never feels good and it feels especially bad when it’s on top of bare ice.

The recreational trails take a beating with the warmer temperatures as well. Snowmobile trails start to show dirt and/or rocks and that can damage your machine. Cross-country ski trails fair a little better but it is definitely not ideal skiing conditions.

And the mud. For those of us who live on dirt roads(which is almost everyone) it is impossible to have a clean vehicle. It’s almost impossible to keep yourself clean when you get into or out of your vehicle. There is a constant mud stripe on the back of my pants about calf level from entering and exiting my car.

Am I whining? Yep. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. As long as we are going to have cold temperatures then we may as well have good snow to play in.

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