Wonderful Weather

     It’s a blue sky morning on the Gunflint Trail.  The forecast calls for perfect paddling conditions with only slight breezes blowing.  If only work wasn’t on my schedule…

     I love to daydream about the many day trips I could take.  I pull out the map and look at all of the lakes and loops that would be possible to paddle in a day.  I pour through my hiking books wondering where I could walk in a few short hours.  I really like to "push the envelope" so they say and have even been accused of trying to kill people on my day excursions.

     The great thing about day trips is the amount of territory you can cover when you don’t have to haul any gear along.  Without packs to portage the paths between lakes become quick and easy jaunts especially when you have one or two able bodies to carry the canoe. 

     With the summer staff dwindling and Chelsea away for a few days I’m not sure what my options for today are.  With a little finagling(is that how you spell it?) and a little begging I may just be able to get out in a canoe and enjoy this wonderful weather on a Boundary Waters Day trip.