Winter Woes

     What if winter went away for good?  When I hear all of the talks about global warming I get really scared.  I love winter and playing in the snow and I love living on the Gunflint Trail. Would I love it as much if I couldn’t go cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing or snowshoeing?  I think I would find myself moving farther north in search of a winter season but with all of the crazy weather patterns that may not even be an option.

     Melting icebergs, ski hills without snow and bare ground in Minnesota in February aren’t things I want to see. It bothers me to even hear or read about all of the bad things in our environment.  Mike always knows when I get a new issue of Sierra Magazine because I start telling him about a coal mine here, toxic waste there and how we better get to Glacier National Park before the glacier is gone. 

     They say not to believe everything you read but even if you only believe half of what is in a regular issue of Sierra Magazine it sounds really bad.  What would I do all winter long if there wasn’t enough snow and I couldn’t help plan Winter Tracks or Mush for a Cure? I hope I will never find out.