It’s That Time of the Year

     There’s always something to do when you own a resort or canoe outfitting business.  Every month of the calendar marks some deadline for some thing that has to be done.  Whether it’s an order for canoes, freeze dried food or camping equipment there has to be a deadline or we’d never get it done.

     Isn’t it funny how you know you need to have something done but just wait and wait until the due date?  Some times we even have to ask for extensions to get something done we knew had to be done over a year in advance.  We always say things like, "This year let’s just get our food order done when we take inventory at the end of the season."  Wouldn’t that be something?

     It’s that time of the year when clothing sales reps are calling me to meet and I still don’t have a handle on what I need to order.  I need to figure out inventory but Mike says I never use the information when I’m placing my orders anyway so what’s the point?  

     Anyway, it’s always that time of the year and I must just accept the fact I’ll always have things that will need to be done.  Most of the time these things should have been done yesterday but probably won’t get done until tomorrow.