Make Some Tracks

     The weekend weather was wonderful and I was able to get out and make some tracks in the snow.  I went cross-country skiing on Saturday and Sunday and the trails were incredible.  I’m always in awe of all of the other tracks I see in the snow.

     Today there were tracks all over the ski trails.  Most of the tracks were from skiiers but there were a number of deer and wolf tracks scattered everywhere.  Some of the deer paths were so well trodden it looked like a snowmobile had gone through.  I spotted a couple of deer and some spots of blood on the trail.  I imagine if I had followed the blood trail there would have been a fresh wolf kill somewhere.  The dogsled trail criss crosses the ski trails as does the snowmobile trail and a number of snowshoe trails.  In the woods on a ski trail is just an interesting place to be.

     If you want to learn about different animal tracks you may find in the woods then be sure to come to the Gunflint Trail next weekend during Winter Tracks.  There are plenty of activities planned throughout the weekend and Steve Robertson of the USFS will be speaking on Saturday at Gunflint Pines.  He’ll talk about tracks and then take the group out into the woods to find some tracks and make some of their own. 

     There are plenty of activities scheduled throughout the weekend so come join us on the Gunflint Trail.